Saturday, August 14, 2010

Anticipation of a fun night!

My first choice for breakfast is overnight oats! They are amazing! With the excitement of it all, I forgot to make them. This is the next best thing! I started the day off with a small workout. I did my strength training with my Wii Fit. I've been doing this 30 day shred program, from Jillian Michaels, and I've seen a huge improvement with my endurance. I'm coming up on the second week, I'll update it weekly.

I haded to work and was happy to see one of my favorite leaders was working. We had so many people working that she said that I could go home early. :) Which meant I had time to go and look for a shirt.

I went to GAP, Express, Forever  21 and so on. There was nothing out there. All the stores were a mess and too many sweaters. I went back to Banana Republic, and with the help of my boss, found a cute blue top. It is adorable! Pictures to come!

I've been reading Operation Beautiful. If you haven't heard about the movement, you should go and check out It will inspire you.

When I got home, I got to eat leftovers of my crab mix and salsa. I love to eat homemade food. I'm drinking up all the water I can today. But right now, I'm just relaxing and hanging out with the kids. I'm excited to go out with my good friends for dinner and dancing. (pics to come)

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