Monday, August 16, 2010

Growing up too fast!

Let's start with a pic from my birthday dinner. I love a good, cold beer!! This is a Jeremiah Red Ale. It was so smooth and delicious! I loved it! I think next time I will try the sampler!

I am a little bummed my eyes are closed, since this the only picture of that night! (My camara decided that it didn't want to work in the dark restaurant) But I love these girls!! Great friends! What a fun night!

So today was Kayla's first day at a new school. I was sooo nervous! We were standing there, watching her in line, and I kept hoping that she would make friends quickly! The bell rang and she was off.. :( It was even sadder thinking Ben will be there next year! He has grown so fast!

After we dropped her off, we went to the U of A to take care of some of my school. On the way there I had half of a Clif Bar. I shared part of it with Benjamin. I had to get my MMR and my books. Two of my books aren't in yet. That means I need to battle the crowd next week. I even searched Chegg and Amazon, they didn't have them either. So fingers crossed. It makes me nervous to NOT have all my supplies before school starts. I'm a planner and organized person, things like that make me nervous.

We went to Sunflower and got so much good food. We bought fruits, veggies and coconut water! We got Almond milk too. I want to make them with my overnight oats! I will post the recipe, after I make it. :) Which I've been dying to try! Kayla had a great day at school! She loved it! She was excited and told me so much fun stuff! She even said I didn't have to walk her in tomorrow , if I didn't want to. :(

Then we played Wii Fit and had some family competition. I scored 365 in the Super Hula Hoop! It was a lot of fun. We capped off the evening with the David Hasselhoff Roast! It was pretty hilarious! Until tomorrow, where there will be more pics, I have a fashion show at work. I will get some good pics of that, have a great night :)

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