Thursday, August 19, 2010 it for everyone?

I was riding my stationary bike yesterday, reading about the different reason people workout, and it made me think of all the workouts I do. I'm not a personal trainer or an expert by any means, but have researched and worked out for years. I've tried so many different programs and regimens. I'm not dieter, as I'm sure you have learned from my post, but I believe in moderation.
A lot of the time, people workout for vanity instead of the real benefits. Although the vanity is common, the health benefits should out weigh the vanity of it. It is not a competition or nor should negative emotions be associated with it! The feeling of getting stronger is empowering, and if others could get to that point working out would be more enjoyable.
Sure when I started to work out it was for vanity reasons. I wanted to be "sexy" or what I thought it meant to be sexy. With the tabloids, airbrushing and what not, it is hard to maintain a good body image. But love comes from with in, before it comes for out.

This is my new overnight oats! I added the almond milk and strawberries. I think next time, I think I will add both milk and almond milk. Still super tasty! Especially after my early morning workout. I was surprised, I actually peeled myself out of bed and did day two of the thirty day shred! It felt great! I can feel my legs getting stronger.

I wanted something quick for lunch. I was starving after work! I put a flour tortilla in a pan, grated some Colby cheese and let it melt. Then, I cut up some avocado and presto...lunch! It was very good and felt pretty light. (It looks like a lot more cheese than it is.)

I got a killer headache after lunch. After taking two Tylenol, I still had a headache! I broke down and got coffee. I need to cut back, but I need to do it slowly. The headaches are killer! So I wasn't very hungry for dinner. I just had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. It was pretty good though.

Eat, Pray, Love..I thought it was really good! It dragged in a few spots, but I found it to be very intriguing. I wasn't disappointed and want to read the book now! I think it is a definite worth watch movie :)

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